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Columnata Robust shelving system, weather proof and water repellent, ideal for offices, garage or storage room.
Jardinetto Garden shelf ideal for eco-gardening enthusiasts, weatherproof and water repellent.
Shelf classic COLUMNATA concept applied with classic L profiles.
Classification & Storage Triple cuvette supported with metal supports or round syntrewood tubes. Plenty of storage possibilities.
Drawer Ecological drawer with optional wheels or round supports, 41 x 71 x 42 cm. It can be combined with the shelving system.
Cuvettes boxes Stackable cuvettes with different measures useful for tools storage.
Twin tray Twin tray 20 x 30 x 16 cm made in Syntrewood.
Cube planter Modular planter with infinite combinations and possibilities, made in syntrewood 100% recycled plastic.
Cube storage CUBE concept allows the creation of boxes useful for storage and order all kind of objects.
Wall shelf Useful wall shelf  28 x 91 x 9 cm. suitable for domestic use.
Wine Rack Bottle storage in zig-zag. Suitable for home or restaurant cellars.
Boundary Ecological boundary useful in spaces separation and gardens, made in 100% recycled plastic syntrewood.
Packaging equipment Personalized longlife pallets under request for any use in industry and packaging.
Urban & Construction Lasentiu produces spare parts for urban equipment and construction, all made in syntrewood, longlife material.
Garden equipment Personalized garden equipment projects under request made in 100% recycled plastic.
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